Commercial Contracting

Courtyard Healthcare Center
Goshen, Indiana

In 2007, a longtime customer hired us to work on Courtyard Healthcare Center. While the facility was occupied, we began construction on the cabinetry, ceilings and nurse stations.

The first phase was to update the facility, add lighting to the hallways and allow the center to continue functioning without disturbance.

The main dining room was the next phase. We redesigned the dining room to include indirect light, which broke up the ceiling and added character to the room. We also installed a chandelier and added a sound system for microphone and music use which allows the room to have multiple uses.

The updates to the facility increased potential clients and satisfied the current residents. With the growing client base and waiting list, our customer decided an additional wing was needed and trusted that we could accomplish the task.

Working with architects to complete the phase three design, a 24,000 sq. ft. addition was put on the existing building. In all, 44 rooms and 54 beds were incorporated with private showers, kitchenettes, fireplaces and televisions in the new wing.

Themed lounges and a private library were integrated to the interior design and outdoor landscaping was updated to include a waterfall, pond area, trellises and a gazebo.

In order to tie the new addition to the existing structure, a temporary hallway was installed. This allowed employees and clients to move throughout the building without disturbance.

The last phase was to add a beaded wood grain plastic wainscot with aluminum base, plastic wood grain covered handrails and lower bumper to protect the walls. This was also incorporated in the existing structure to gain consistency between the buildings.

To meet the needs of the client, we finished the project within eight months.

The client was ecstatic with the work completed on the center and in 2011 we were their first choice for another addition. 25 feet was added to the existing dining room and we extended a wing to include offices and additional space for central supply, housekeeping, medical records, and a staff training room.

Steensma Lawn & Power / John Deere Dealership

Kurt Steensma hired us with a tight schedule, but knowing our history and being a longtime friend, he was confident that the job could get done. Starting in September, we completed the project in only seven months. This allowed for Steensma to move into the new facility in May and for it to be featured in the 2011 Parade of Homes.

This project was composed of an old lumber yard with two separate main buildings that were set to be joined together as one building at the end of the project. A professional front entrance that would “wow” and welcome customers was needed. We designed and built the new entrance that can be seen from the parking lot by visitors.

Inside, we revamped the showroom with an epoxy coated concrete floor and added radius bulkheads for an innovative look. Larger windows were also added as well as a larger glass doors at the entrance. This allowed for the space to be open and bright for the customers and employees.

We put the finishing touches on the building and the project was finalized a few weeks ahead of schedule. Pushing the schedule a little allowed us to get Steensma Lawn & Power open for business ahead of schedule so they were very pleased with the outcome and timing of the project.